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Pattie McCarthy Reviews Maryan Nagy Captan's "Copy/Body"

Maryan Captan's copy/body creates for me a reading space that feels & thinks like the moments just upon waking — when the mind is still colored around the edges with the fantastic & strange details of dreaming — & the day, with its work-hours & plans & errands & practicality, has not yet intruded. There is an acuity of thought in those waking moments that these poems embody with depth & angles & 'bending inexplicable' articulations. Captan writes : 'carefully / the tender / begins / to pull.' The tender & the care & the pull all remain with me in equal measure.

- Pattie McCarthy, author of Quiet Book and Nulls

Jim Cory Reviews Angelo Colavita's "HEROINes"

In a world where cast-iron children become monsters (and not just in day dreams) HEROINes finds just the right tone. I am relieved not to be overwhelmed with junk withdrawal or junk life descriptions—copping, fixing, getting sick, etc— but rather a focus on the inner state as evoked via jangly images tumbling & conjoined. “Ohio" made me especially sad as it is every crumbled love that ever was. “Only” and its existential edge reminds me of the futility of the attempt to hold life's essence at bay. It always roars back.

HEROINes delivers the whole addiction experience without ever being “realistic” in the dead letter sense of providing information that everyone else does, has or could. 

- Jim Cory, author of Chopped Liver and Das Volk