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by Maryan Nagy Captan

Cover art by William Lukas

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Maryan Captan's copy/body creates for me a reading space that feels & thinks like the moments just upon waking — when the mind is still colored around the edges with the fantastic & strange details of dreaming — & the day, with its work-hours & plans & errands & practicality, has not yet intruded. There is an acuity of thought in those waking moments that these poems embody with depth & angles & 'bending inexplicable' articulations. Captan writes : 'carefully / the tender / begins / to pull.' The tender & the care & the pull all remain with me in equal measure.

- Pattie McCarthy, author of Quiet Book and Nulls


from earworm:


"I do not bait the hand that feeds me,

it is shaped like my mother’s

and armed with her rings.


I left the window open,

I left the stove on,

I left the fumes for you,

to breathe in,

to remember

to take care of the things

I neglect.


you will know me


than every neighbor

I’ve ever had.


you will know my

freckle count,

the burning in my skin,

keep tabs

on the strands

that clog the sink

and sink

your prints

into my limbs."